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Reality TV star announces split from husband

by | Sep 24, 2019 | Divorce

It may go without saying that divorce proceedings can involve a good deal of emotion. Couples who at one point may have shared a strong love for each other may find that the emotions they feel are still present; they have simply gone from positive to negative. The hurt feelings surrounding the end of a marriage can easily spill into a couple’s divorce case, hindering the process as both sides prepare to fight it out over what they think that they deserve. The hope, however, is that those involved in divorce proceedings realize that it is in the best interest of everyone impacted by their decision for them to allow their marriages to come to an amicable conclusion. 

In many cases, those impacted the most are a couple’s children. While it may be difficult, parents can indeed attempt to set their personal feelings aside and work together to come to a swift resolution of their cases to spare their children any pain. The divorce of reality TV star Kenya Moore serves as an example of this. Moore recently announced that she had split from her husband of just over two years with the intention of pursuing a divorce. Both sides, however, have apparently attempted to avoid rancor against each other (at least publicly) and keep their affair private in the interest of their young daughter. 

While there may indeed by points in a divorce case where both sides may be justified in standing their ground on certain matters, there will also inevitably be opportunities to work together to ensure that proceedings are not drawn out any longer than they need to be. An experienced family law attorney may be a great source of assistance in helping to take advantage of such opportunities.