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The traditional 50-50 custody arrangement may not work

Divorced parents in Pennsylvania might choose the traditional method of effectuating a 50-50 custody arrangement that will involve the children being with a parent one week and the other parent the next week. However, this may not always be the most advantageous solution for the children, who could bear some negative consequences from this type of plan. As a result, co-parents should keep an open mind as to alternative arrangements that may work better.

When a child spends an entire week without one of their parents, the separation can affect them. It can lead to separation anxiety, and the transition between parents’ homes can be difficult knowing that they will be apart for a week. In addition, there can be logistical problems for parents whose work schedule can be difficult to accommodate due to the demands of the custody schedule and the need to be continuously present for that entire week.

There are other ways to evenly split custody that parents often overlook during the divorce process. These arrangements involve more frequent exchanges between the parents’ homes and a shorter duration of stays. Increased rotation can help lessen the burden on the children and enable parents to accommodate their own schedules. Parents should at least consider if an alternate 50-50 schedule will make more sense for the children.

Parents may consult with a family law attorney in order to explore various schedules that could be beneficial for the children and to discuss ways how to put these arrangements in place. Family law attorneys have seen many different types of schedules that work, and they may offer counsel for each situation with their experience. Even if there will be no litigation, parents might benefit from speaking to someone with the ability to give counsel and ideas that can work in the best interests of the children.