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Why settle a divorce rather than going to trial?

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Divorce

Many New Jersey couples may find themselves trapped in a conflict when they decide to divorce. Before they decided to end the marriage, they may have found themselves arguing frequently and disagreeing about almost everything. As a result, it may seem like it is almost impossible to negotiate a settlement and there is no choice but to go to trial. However, many people may prefer to settle their divorce in order to save time and money, even if they have a conflicted relationship with their estranged spouse.

In some cases, it may be necessary to go to trial. This may be the case if one party refuses to negotiate or insists on an unacceptable situation, particularly in contexts involving abuse or financial manipulation. However, for many other people, a negotiated settlement may be a preferable option. In the first place, they will, in most cases, need to move to a co-parenting relationship, with both involved in their children’s lives for years to come. Negotiating a child custody agreement and a parenting plan can be the first step in that transition to dealing with each other primarily as co-parents who need to work together despite their differences.

Other people may want to negotiate a divorce settlement to finalize the process more quickly and efficiently. Due to backlogs in many family courts, it can take months longer to go to trial than to reach a settlement, and the level of legal work involved is far more complex and time-consuming during a trial.

There are multiple strategies that people may pursue in order to protect their interests during a divorce. A family law attorney may help a divorcing spouse to reach a mutually acceptable outcome on property division, spousal support and other key issues.