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Get the custody schedule you want with mediation or collaboration

You know that your divorce could have a negative impact on your children, but you still want to make sure that your voice is heard and that you don’t have to give up what you want. Your attorney will be there with you throughout your case to help you, especially if you do decide to litigate, but something to keep in mind is that litigation may not be the right choice.

Children surrounded by turmoil are more likely to struggle with a divorce than those who are not. That’s why you should carefully consider if taking custody concerns to court is right for you or them. Alternatively, you may be able to go through mediation or collaborative law sessions to work out a custody schedule that you agree with.

Mediation and collaborative law can work if you and your spouse both agree to work on reaching a solution. For example, in mediation, a third party sits with you and discusses the options you have. You can both discuss the concerns you have (as well as your preferences). The mediator is there to keep the conversation on track, helping you reach a resolution.

Collaborative law is similar, and you both have your own attorney who will work together with you and your spouse’s attorney to come up with solutions that will work for your situation. The goal in both collaborative law and mediation is to keep the issue out of court and to foster more positive relationships and outcomes.

Our website has more on collaborating and using mediation to resolve your disputes. If custody arrangements are a challenge for you, remember that there are ways to move forward other than litigation.