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Even without physical contact, affairs can end marriages

by | Jul 27, 2020 | Divorce

Some individuals think about sexual relationships as the only type of affair. There is another type of affair that can negatively impact a marriage – an emotional affair. When a married person has an emotional affair, they turn to someone outside of the marriage for support. This can lead to a deep connection that might eventually turn into a physical affair.

There are many warning signs that a person is having an emotional affair. One of the primary things to look for is significant changes in behavior. This can manifest in many ways.

  • A sudden interest in things that didn’t interest them before
  • Hiding electronics like their phone when you come near
  • Working late or traveling more than normal
  • Constantly talking about a certain friend than you heard about them before
  • Increase in criticism of you
  • Withdrawing from you and the relationship

It isn’t easy to confront an emotional betrayal because the person having the affair may become defensive and combative. In some cases, the affair is going to end the marriage because of the hurt the faithful partner feels.

If you realize that your marriage is over because of an emotional affair, you need to take steps to protect yourself. The fact that there was an affair might not play a role at all in the divorce proceedings, so don’t think that you’re automatically going to fare better because of what your ex did. Instead, take the time to consider the issues that must be decided and learn about the options you have so you can do what you feel is best for your situation.