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3 professionals beyond lawyers who help in a high-asset divorce

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Divorce

The right professional help directly influences how beneficial or devastating your divorce decree will be for you. A good attorney can help you understand the law and strategize to get the best outcome for your circumstances. However, a lawyer is not the only professional who can help you in your divorce.

If you have substantial property and assets to divide, other professionals can increase the likelihood of a better divorce outcome, particularly when it comes to the division of your property.

You might need a forensic accountant

When your family has significant assets and high levels of income, it’s much easier for one person to hide property from the other. A forensic accountant can go over household financial records, tax paperwork and income reports to determine if there is a paper trail for hidden assets. Finding those assets can allow you to claim them in the divorce and secure a fairer outcome.

You might need a real estate professional or property appraiser

If you have a home that you’ve lived in for decades, you may not know what it is truly worth on the current market. Similarly, if you have substantial investments in other assets, like art or vehicles, having a professional from that field determine the fair market value for those assets is crucial.

What you paid for the property may no longer represent what it is worth. If you don’t know what an item is worth, how can you ask for your fair share?

Consider how mental health support sets you up for a better future

High-asset divorce brings with it a lot of contention and stress. You will likely also struggle to adjust to changes in your lifestyle after the divorce.

Finding a good therapist can make it easier for you to process the emotional damage of divorce. You will be less likely to make important decisions in the divorce based on emotions if you’ve released your anger.

Getting the right professional help from the earliest stages of your divorce will set you up for a better life once your divorce is finally over.