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Investments & Retirement Benefits In Divorce

The Fair Division of Assets in Divorce

In cases involving substantial marital assets, it is extremely important to determine the actual value of family businesses, retirement funds, stock options, mutual funds, restricted stock, retirement benefits, and other jointly-owned assets. An experienced divorce lawyer like Mildred B. Sweeney is familiar with the complex issues that can be involved in divorces where there is a large amount of assets.

This is a time when you need someone impartial to protect you and look out for your interests. Our law firm will help you reach an agreement while never allowing you to be taken advantage of. We know that giving you personal attention is only one part of the representation our clients deserve. We also fight hard for your interests.

To discuss a complex divorce and asset division matter, contact a Pittsburgh divorce lawyer via e-mail or phone us at 724-742-2590 today. You will always deal directly with an experienced divorce attorney and mediator who understands the implications a divorce or separation may have on your life and your future financial security.

The Division of Pensions, Investments and Other Assets

If you acquired any part of your pension, 401(k) or 403(b), TIAA-CREF, stock plan, stock options, deferred compensation and other retirement incentives during the marriage, that portion is marital property and must be shared with your spouse when you divorce. You may be able to trade other assets or come to an agreement if you want to keep your pension or retirement intact.

The Sweeney Law Offices, LLC maintains a close working relationship with a network of highly qualified specialists in order to provide you with the necessary guidance and input, including:

  • Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) familiar with all divorce law and up-to-date case law affecting the financial situation you may be in
  • Pension and retirement account evaluators
  • Certified divorce financial planners
  • Tax consultants
  • Marital personal property evaluators
  • Real estate appraisers and realtors
  • Business valuators if you or your spouse own a business which requires valuation as part of the marital estate
  • Bankruptcy counseling from consulting bankruptcy attorneys

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