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The Advantages Of Mediation In A PA Divorce

Mediation can be a beneficial alternative to traditional court litigation for couples who are filing for divorce.

Going through the divorce process in Pennsylvania can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. Not only are there topics, such as property division and child custody to discuss, but a number of couples may harbor strong emotions toward one another. This can make the divorce process extremely difficult for everyone involved. Mediation can offer strong advantages to couples who are filing for legal separation or divorce.

What Is Mediation?

Divorce mediation takes the negotiations process outside the courtroom. Couples meet in a non-confrontational atmosphere to discuss the details of their divorce settlement. The mediation session is conducted by a third-party mediator, who is available to answer any legal questions the couple may have. The mediator also ensures that all topics are covered and organized in the divorce decree. Couples can either meet face to face, or stay in separate rooms while the mediator goes back and forth. Attorneys are not required to attend the mediation appointment. However, many people choose to bring legal representation with them to help make decisions that would be in their best interest.

Benefits Of Mediation

Mediation is not for everyone. Yet, it can offer significant benefits to couples who come prepared to reach an agreement with the terms of the divorce. According to the American Bar Association, advantages to mediation over court litigation include the following:

  • Less expensive: There are no court costs.
  • Flexibility: Couples are able to set appointments around their schedule rather than wait for a court date.
  • Customize the settlement: Couples can negotiate the terms of their own settlement rather than accept the terms entered in by the court.
  • Limited stress: Mediation is a laid back process, which often generates less stress than a courtroom battle.
  • Quick: Most settlements can be reached within one or two mediation sessions.

Couples who go through mediation are often able to maintain a better relationship once the divorce is finalized than they would have if they had gone through court. This is ideal for parents or business partners who must continue to work with one another on a daily basis.

Organizing Your Settlement

Keep in mind that the terms that are entered into the final divorce settlement are binding, and they will play a significant role in how you live your life. If you are just entering into the divorce process or have been struggling with a divorce for some time, it may be helpful to contact a family attorney to help with your case. A Pennsylvania lawyer may be able to assist you in making tough decisions during this emotional time.