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State law followed in child support case

Most non-custodial parents in Pennsylvania do not have a problem when it comes to providing for their children. However, they may be interested in the story of a man in another state who is completely stunned over a ruling affecting the child support he pays for a boy he once believed was his son. The laws on child support in that particular state leave the man no room for an appeal.

Man entangled in child support dispute

Most Pennsylvania non-custodial parents understand their important role in the lives of their children. Many of them maintain their visitation rights and pay the required child support. One man has recently gone through a financial nightmare when not just one, but two states have begun taking child support payments from his paycheck.

Increased child support request by Sherri Shepherd's ex

When two Pennsylvania parents decide to divorce, they have to come to an agreement about who will get primary custody of their children or if they will share joint custody. One parent will be ordered by a judge to pay child support, even with shared custody. The child support amount is determined by several factors, but the most weight is carried by the income of each parent. Sherri Shepherd's ex-husband, Lamar Sally, is seeking an increase in the amount of child support she pays him for their child.

Former NFL player behind in child support payments

Pennsylvania parents know there are several factors that determine the cost of raising a child. The basic needs may be close to the same rate but getting into the specifics of neighborhood, schooling, extracurricular activities and medical needs is where the amount varies between families. When the parents decide to separate and the topic of child support arises, the dollar amount decided by the parents or the courts has to take into consideration these and other expenditures. A former NFL football player may be held in contempt of court for his failure to pay the child support he apparently owes.

U.S. Marine father taken to court for child support

When two parents end their marital relationship, there are many things to consider as they part ways. One of the most important is the children they have and the amount of child support the non-custodial parent will need to pay each month to provide a sustainable way of life for those children. Pennsylvania parents may be interested in a recent ruling by another state's Supreme Court that there is no time limit to collect child support, no matter the age of the child.

Former basketball pro seeks reduction in child support

Pennsylvania parents know that celebrities who have fathered or given birth to children are often expected to provide a higher level of financial care after a divorce or separation, simply because their earning potential is usually higher than that of most other people. A former basketball star is requesting that the amount of child support he has been paying the mother of his child be lowered because he no longer has the income he once did. Glen Rice, who played for the New York Knicks several years ago, wants to reduce his child support payments by more than half.

Ex-wife of retired hockey star looking for child support

Pennsylvania custodial parents know all too well how important monthly financial support can be. It is great when the full amount of child support is received, but it presents a hardship when it is not. Hockey fans may be interested to learn that the ex-wife of Ron Greschner is having a difficult time while seeking child support and alimony from the former NHL star.

Non-payment of child support results in legal hassles

Many custodial parents in Pennsylvania know that it is extremely important to get financial support when trying to raise their children. Some parents know that if child support is not received, there could be lapses in being able to provide clothing, medicine or even food for their little ones. Parents who have been ordered by the court to help in the provision face consequences if they do not uphold their child support agreements.

New child support payment option available for some families

Although there are several options available, some non-custodial parents in Pennsylvania occasionally have problems when trying to make their financial support payments. They may have the money set aside for the amount of child support but no easy way to get the money where it needs to be. There are other states that have begun offering their residents a chance to pay their child support through electronic providers.

Man legally bound to pay child support for girl who is not his

When non-custodial parents in Pennsylvania make support payments, they have reasonable expectations in most cases that the child whom they are supporting is theirs and that they will have some type of established visitation schedule. Imagine a significant amount of child support taken out of a person's pay check for someone else's child. A man in another state is living a nightmare and wants to make others aware of what could happen under similar circumstances.

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