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Happy ending in child custody battle

Pennsylvania residents may think of warring spouses when the subject of child custody cases is introduced. However, a recent child custody case was not the typical news-grabbing headline of two high-profile celebrities. Rather, an 11-year-old girl celebrated the end of last year by becoming the child of a Naval retiree and his wife.

Father charged with kidnapping in child custody case

Some parents will go to great lengths to be able to spend time with their children, especially if they feel child custody arrangements are not as they should be. Unfortunately, some have turned to kidnapping as a way to get that time with their young ones. Pennsylvania parents may be interested in a child custody case where a father is facing charges after allegedly kidnapping his son.

Child custody agreement violated as man tries to flee with child

A child's best interests, along with a number of other variables, are usually what mandate the conditions of a child custody order. The resulting arrangement is what both the custodial and non-custodial parties are expected to follow. Pennsylvania parents may be interested to learn of a case where the child custody court order was outright violated.

Father names 26 individuals in lawsuit from child custody battle

Child custody agreements can range from simple, especially if the relationship between the parents is amicable, to extremely complex. Pennsylvania parents who are in the midst of a seemingly never-ending battle to figure out what is best for their children may be interested in the story of a surgeon who has recently filed a lawsuit against a total of 26 people in the quest for custody of his daughter. His battle has been going on for 10 years, and he has spent over $1 million in his child custody battle.

Parents fight for child custody of their three children

Pennsylvania parents may be interested to learn of a child custody case involving a woman whose children were taken by state officials last year. Because of an arrest and conviction 12 years ago, the woman's husband claims the state is targeting the two of them even though she spent five years in prison for her past actions. The judge in the child custody case is expected to rule in the next few days.

Parents battle court over child custody of newborn

Pennsylvania parents may be interested in an unusual child custody case. Parents in another state are not fighting each other for custody of their new-born daughter but their local county juvenile court instead. The child custody battle began in the hospital just after the birth of the little girl.

Child custody placement of young girl ends in arrest

Pennsylvania parents may have questions after learning about a temporary child custody placement by Child Protective Services in another state. At her request, a 13-year-old girl had been placed with a man who had, at one time, been a friend of her family. Several weeks after the child custody placement, he was arrested for sexually abusing her. Her shocked family showed up in court with questions and blame for the agency.

Child custody case for parents who have not seen child in months

A child custody battle that may be interesting to some in Pennsylvania has a judge trying to decide whether to leave a young child in the guardianship with its foster family or to grant permanent custody to its biological parents. In a recent hearing, the child's biological parents, the foster mother and personnel from the local child services agency appealed to the judge their arguments as to where permanent child custody should lie. The judge is expected to make his decision in the near future.

Father fights for child custody of his 3 children

A child custody case outside of Pennsylvania has been going on for six years. The judge presiding over the case ordered the three children of the divorced parents to a detention facility for youth after they would not spend time with their father during his court-appointed visits. The father feels the way the mother is handling the child custody battle is forcing him to pursue sole custody.

Boy in child custody case repeatedly tested positive for drugs

Pennsylvania families may sympathize with a father who is fighting for child custody of his 3-year-old son. This father is upset that a judge has ruled that the boy stay with his mother in current circumstances. Repeated drug testing on the little boy showed positive results for methamphetamine and hydrocodone. The father feels the authorities are not doing all they can to help his child, which in turn could help him gain the child custody he is seeking.

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