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Judge orders unusual sentence in child support case

When a child is brought into this world, it is expected that both parents should care for it, whether they are together as a couple or not. Many couples have a hard time making ends meet with two incomes, so it can be even more difficult for just one parent to sufficiently provide the financial support needed throughout the first 18 years of a child's life. When a non-custodial parent does not step up to make the required child support payments, he or she will usually face some type of consequence. Pennsylvania parents may be surprised to hear the ruling of a judge against a father who is behind on paying his child support.

Man claims unfair treatment in child support case

There are so many factors to worry about when two people get divorced. If they have children, they will sometimes need to go to court for a decision on which parent will have custody and which parent will pay child support, if the two will not share in joint custody. Some Pennsylvania fathers may empathize with a man in another state who has custody of his son but has problems when receiving child support payments from his ex-wife.

Back child support ordered in Bristol Palin case

All parents, upon dissolution of the union between them, should have some type of agreement drawn up that specifies the future care of their children. Child support amounts should be set after custody arrangements have been made. Sometimes there is a dispute between the parents when trying to come up with a plan when they have differing ideas as to what is best for their children. Pennsylvania parents may be interested to learn of the latest court-ordered child support decision involving Bristol Palin and her former fiancé, Levi Johnston.

Bartolo Colon in child support battle

According to the news, the latest celebrity to appear in family court is major league pitcher Bartolo Colon. Pennsylvania residents might be interested to learn that he was recently sued for child support in a case where both parties were originally listed as anonymous on sealed court documents. When Colon decided he was not going to use outside legal counsel and instead represent himself in the child support case, his involvement in the lawsuit was made public.

Programs available to provide assistance with child support

Many Pennsylvania parents who have sole custody of their children know how hard it is to run a household on just one pay check, and they count on the financial support of the non-custodial parents to provide decent lives for their children. Non-custodial parents who are financially able to pay child support, but fail to do so, may suffer the consequences of wage garnishment or even face jail time. However, there are parents who want to pay child support but are unable because of the lack of income.

Father battling state over child support payments

Most custodial Pennsylvania parents know how important it is to receive consistent child support payments. Without them, some children might not have enough food on the table or coats sufficient enough to keep them warm during the winter months. One non-custodial father has been told by the state that he has fallen behind on his child support payments when he knows he has been on time each month.

Man received notice to pay child support

Non-custodial parents in Pennsylvania who are expected to pay child support know they have certain laws by which they have to abide. Those laws have been set in place to ensure children are provided the basic necessities, usually consisting of food, clothing, medical needs and educational requirements. A man in another state got a shock when he received a letter claiming he owed child support to his estranged wife because of a long-time law.

Charlie Sheen petitions court to reduce child support payments

Sometimes, it is not just the everyday, ordinary non-custodial parents who have problems paying child support. There are reasons when even high-profile, celebrity parents struggle to meet all the financial demands on them, no matter how much money they make. Pennsylvania parents may be interested to discover that Charlie Sheen is requesting that his monthly child support payments of $55,000 to his ex-wife be reduced.

Criminal trial for man accused of not paying child support

Child support is very important to a Pennsylvania custodial parent and his or her children. Sometimes the money can make a difference in whether the children get the essentials of food, clothing and shelter. A man in another state will be standing trial for not providing approximately $92,000 in child support for his two daughters.

Professional boxer owes substantial amount of child support

Child support is an emotional topic for single Pennsylvania parents who need extra money to adequately provide for their children but who are not receiving it. It is bad enough when a non-custodial parent is also struggling to come up with the money, but it is outright frustrating when he or she makes more than enough to meet the dollar amount set by the court yet refuses to pay. This is allegedly the case for a professional boxer who owes nearly $800,000 in child support.

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