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Pennsylvania divorce: Will the Google prenup be valid?

by | Sep 5, 2013 | Divorce

Pennsylvania Google fans may be interested to know that rumors of a split between the co-founder of Google and his wife have been confirmed. Apparently, the couple has been separated for several months, but has not yet filed for divorce. Reports are that so far, the couple is staying friendly.

However, that could change quickly if a divorce is filed. Even though the couple signed a prenuptial agreement back in 2007, it depends on the provisions of the prenup whether Sergey Brin will be able to keep his nearly $20 billion fortune. As an employee of Google, Brin makes only $1.00 per year, but he does own close to 28 percent of Google’s voting stock.

People in Pennsylvania may have also heard that Brin has been romantically involved with a Google employee. This could become a point of contention should the parties file for divorce. If there is a provision in the prenuptial agreement regarding infidelity, Brin could end up paying the price in a divorce.

The couple also has two children. If things fail to remain amicable, there could be a child custody battle in the couple’s future. Brin’s extramarital relationship may not matter under the rules of no-fault divorce, but it is a factor that judges can consider when deciding matters such as child custody.

Of course, it would be good for this family if the couple was able to have a smooth and friendly divorce. However, with the amount of money and two children involved, things could get contentious rather quickly, especially if the couple’s prenuptial agreement doesn’t survive the court’s scrutiny considering all of the circumstances. When it comes down to it, there is a lot of money at stake if this couple gets divorced, and that can do interesting things to people.

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