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Issues in Family Law: When Shared Child Custody Doesn’t Work

Understanding that courts and child psychologists agree that a shared parenting arrangement is often ideal, there are times in which a child’s interests and well being are best served by one parent maintaining sole custody. In these cases, it is vitally important to seek experienced legal representation from a lawyer who can simultaneously advocate your position and work to protect the well being of your child.

Even when the parties agree to a sole child custody arrangement, these are almost always difficult and emotional situations. Our founder, attorney Mildred B. Sweeney, is a licensed social worker who brings a thorough understanding of the psychological issues children face to her work in child custody matters.

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When Should You Seek Primary Child Custody?

There may be many reasons why one parent thinks they should have primary custody. For example, if your child’s other parent works long hours and has to hire a nanny to supervise the child, you may feel it’s best for you to have sole custody. You may be right, but we believe that the decision to seek primary or sole child custody should always be based on a well-thought-out and rational assessment of what is truly in the child’s best interests. We can help you take a hard look at the situation and come up with a plan that serves your child.

There are a few situations in which we almost always advise our clients to seek sole child custody. These include:

  • The other parent is actively using drugs or abusing alcohol
  • The other parent has untreated mental health issues
  • The other parent has neglected or abused the child

These are situations we take very seriously, and we will act quickly to protect children who are in danger. Likewise, false allegations of abuse or neglect made in order to influence child custody should be met with an aggressive legal response. We will fight to expose the truth and establish a custody arrangement that protects the child from danger or being caught in the middle of a custody dispute.

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