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Step-Parent Adoption

Pittsburgh Step-Parent Adoption Lawyer

The formal adoption of a step-child has many legal benefits, as well as providing the emotional satisfaction that comes from the formal establishment of a permanent, legal bond between step-parent and child.

At Sweeney Law Offices, LLC, we represent step-parents and primary caregivers who wish to adopt children. We also provide representation in cases involving private adoptions between adoptive parents and birth mothers.

Call 724-742-2590 for a consultation. A lawyer at our firm can discuss the legal issues presented by your situation, potential complications, and how we can help you navigate the adoption maze in Pennsylvania.

Efficient And Affordable Step-Parent Adoption Services

Our firm understands the importance you place on accomplishing a fast and efficient adoption, without complications. Our extensive experience and knowledge of adoption law enables us to recognize potential obstacles that can arise, and also how to overcome any problems. Our goal is to complete your adoption as quickly as possible, so that you can enjoy the satisfaction of full legal parenthood.

We offer affordable fees and provide responsive representation.

Facilitating Both Routine And Unusual Step-Parent Adoptions

We have represented clients in all types of domestic adoption matters, including step-parent adoption, grandparent adoption, agency adoption, and surrogate mother adoption. While many adoptions occurring as a result of second marriages are routine, others can be complex. Some can even require litigation if the biological parent is reluctant to give up his or her parental rights.

Whatever the situation, the attorneys at Sweeney Law Offices, LLC will provide compassionate representation designed to achieve your adoption goal.

For a consultation with an attorney at Sweeney Law Offices, LLC regarding a step-parent adoption or kinship adoption matter, call 724-742-2590 or contact us online.

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