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Complex High Asset Divorce

Experience You Can Trust When The Stakes Are High

In our experience, many people involved in a divorce where substantial assets — homes, vacation property, investments, business interests, retirement accounts — are at stake believe their only chance to get a fair property settlement is to fight for their rights in court.

A feeling that the other person is not playing fair or that you are being wronged is generally not the best reason to enter into potentially costly and time-consuming litigation. While it is true that there are situations in which it may be absolutely in your best interest to fight for what is right in court, many times it is a mistake to think that you will automatically get more through litigation than through other means.

At the Sweeney Law Offices, LLC, we handle complex, high asset divorce cases in the Pittsburgh area and throughout western Pennsylvania. Our focus is on helping our clients pursue a course and obtain a result that is financially beneficial. Our attorneys have broad-based experienced in resolving complex and high asset divorce matters through mediation, litigation, negotiation and the collaborative process.

We invite you to contact our offices today to schedule an informative and confidential consultation with an experienced lawyer to discuss your options in resolving property division, child support, alimony, business valuation, allegations of hidden assets, and other issues or disputes that may arise in a complex high asset divorce.

The Importance Of Expert Resources

Whether you choose to pursue litigation or a more amicable, less adversarial process, obtaining a truly fair and equitable result in a complex and high asset divorce may require the services of knowledgeable experts such as business valuators, forensic accountants, economists, financial planners, tax specialists and other professionals.

Our firm maintains a working relationship with respected experts from the financial field as well as child psychologists and others who can offer guidance, support and expert testimony regarding any aspect of a complex, high asset divorce that affects your children.

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