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Being the father of a child can bring significant financial responsibilities, though not necessarily the right to have a relationship with the child. While establishing paternity is a simple process, the legal ramifications of fatherhood can be very complex. Sweeney Law Offices, LLC has represented both mothers and fathers in numerous paternity cases in Pennsylvania.

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Establishing Paternity

To collect the DNA needed for a paternity test, a few skin cells are scraped from the mouths of the child and the purported father. The process is simple, quick, and painless. The two samples are then analyzed and compared in a medical laboratory to determine whether the man is the father of the child. DNA testing as practiced today has a very high accuracy rate, although there are factors that can cast doubt on the results. If needed, Sweeney Law Offices, LLC will consult with some of the nation’s leading DNA testing experts to support or refute the test results in contested paternity cases.

Paternity And Child Support

A biological father can be required to pay child support. Sweeney Law Offices, LLC represents mothers who wish to establish the parentage of a child for the purposes of obtaining child support.

We can also represent a man in a dispute over the parentage of a child. A man in this situation needs to be aware that once he is declared the father of a child, it can be very difficult, if not impossible to avoid responsibility for paying child support until the child is 18 years old. A lawyer at our firm can discuss your legal options with you.

Paternity And Child Visitation

As the biological father of a child, a man may or may not have visitation and father’s rights. It may be possible to obtain these rights, the ability to enjoy a relationship with the child, and even custody, but this will almost certainly require legal action. Sweeney Law Offices, LLC has extensive experience with paternity as it relates to child visitation. We can evaluate your situation, advise you, and take action to establish your visitation and parental rights. We can represent mothers with custodial rights who do not wish to share custody with the biological father.

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