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When spouses separate, your entire financial situation changes. While child support protects your child’s needs from being impacted, the challenges of a nonworking spouse or a spouse with a reduced income must also be considered.

At Sweeney Law Offices, LLC, our attorneys work with you to secure a favorable and fair spousal support agreement. You always work personally with one of our lawyers from start to finish.

Pennsylvania Support Law

Pennsylvania family law allows for payments prior to the filing for divorce, after you have separated from your spouse. This is called spousal support.

If you continue living in the same home as your spouse, you are generally not able to receive spousal support under Pennsylvania law, unless the other person is not contributing to the household expenses.

In Pennsylvania, spousal support is paid until the divorce is filed. If the spouse receiving support is at fault for the divorce (committed one of the fault-bases grounds for filing), the other spouse may be able to get out of paying spousal support.

Alimony Pendente Lite (APL)

In Pennsylvania, after a couple files for divorce any support payments are considered alimony pendente lite, or APL. Spousal support will usually be converted into alimony pendente lite (APL) automatically. APL is designed to help both spouses move on after they file for divorce. Unlike spousal support, the spouse ordered to pay APL cannot raise an entitlement defense. Even if the other spouse is at fault, they still may be able to secure APL payments.

After the divorce is litigated, APL generally ends, being replaced by alimony payments as decided by the outcome of your case.

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