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Guiding You Through Adult Adoption In Pennsylvania

While most of family law involves a family breaking apart, adoption involves the challenges of bringing a family together. At Sweeney Law Offices, LLC, we understand the emotional, financial and psychological burdens you may be facing already — which is why we want to take care of all the legal challenges ahead of you. We take care of the details, so you can focus on what matters most for your family.

Can You Adopt Someone Over 18?

While most times adoption is carried out by parents seeking to bring a child into their home, there are a number of situations where adult adoption may be worth pursuing. They can range from financial reasons to fulfilling more emotional purposes.

  • To establish inheritance, making it easier to leave property or assets to someone over 18
  • To allow a stepparent to adopt their stepchild while they are older than 18
  • To reconnect a child over the age of 18 who has found their birth parent(s) and allow them to legally become part of the family
  • To make it easier for one to care for an adult over the age of 18 who may be disabled or otherwise needs assistance

No matter what your reasoning, we can help you through the process. While the legal guidelines surrounding adult adoption in Pennsylvania may be confusing, our adult adoption lawyers have helped many families complete their adoptions quickly and efficiently. Now we want to help you bring your family together.

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