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Social media post shows divorce does not have to end in animosity

Some Pennsylvania marriages end with the former spouses holding bitterness and anger toward each other for years after the relationship is over. However, continual animosity after the divorce can be uncomfortable for any children the couple may have had. One daughter posted on social media what she has seen from her parents in the 28 years since they finalized their divorce.

The post from the daughter was a picture that showed her father pushing a lawnmower. She explained it was her dad mowing her mother's yard, even though they had not been married for nearly three decades. She says her siblings from her mother and step-father ask her why he does that for a woman to whom he is no longer married, and she tells them their mother is physically unable to care for the yard and their father is often away on business. Her father knows they need the help and, although the marriage did not work out, he cares enough to lend a hand.

Irreconcilable differences often given as reason for divorce

Some Pennsylvania residents love to keep up with their favorite celebrities. News of marriage, children and divorce often entice fans into wanting to hear all the exciting and juicy details that gossip outlets have to convey. Although only the most die hard fans of Aerosmith may know who Erin Brady is, her recent divorce has made the news because of her association with the band.

Brady was a woman with whom Steven Tyler was deeply in love several years ago. Their relationship began in 2008 and lasted five years. They both wanted to marry, but Tyler's family and friends were against the union. Ultimately, the lack of support from those nearest and dearest won out, and Tyler and Brady ended their involvement.

Question on father's paternity in child custody case

It is not usual to hear of Pennsylvania fathers who want custody of a child if he or she may not be biologically theirs. For those parents, joint child custody may be tricky if the other parent does not consent to the arrangement. That is the situation for one man who wants joint child custody, stating that the bond he has with the 1-year-old girl supersedes DNA.

The man and the baby's mother dated on and off for four years but were not together when the mother says she got pregnant. However, the man she says is the father left her during her pregnancy and she returned to her former boyfriend. When the baby was born, the mother listed him as the father on the birth certificate as well as the acknowledgment of paternity, although she says she made sure he understood he was not the biological father. She said he told her that fact did not matter.

Man faces jail time, fines for nonpayment of child support

Other than the possibility of a child going without essential elements such as food, clothing and medical care, not providing financial support with respect to a child can have personal consequences. A Pennsylvania parent who neglects to pay court-ordered child support may have his or her wages garnished, driver's license revoked, and/or possibly be sentenced to jail time and fines on top of the amount overdue. One man has been convicted for owing nearly $60,000 in child support and is currently awaiting sentencing.

When his son was 6-year-old, the father was ordered to pay $56 child support each week. However, no payments were ever made. He then lived and worked in various states in jobs where he was paid in cash and continued to avoid making the court-ordered payments.

Child custody case point of argument in council meeting

The Department of Social Services in any Pennsylvania community may remove a child from a home for any number of reasons. While the agency may decide an alternate child custody arrangement is best for the child, parents or other relatives often have a differing opinion and will fight to regain guardianship. Two city councilmen are at odds over a child custody situation that has been brought before the board on numerous occasions.

Only a few months old, a little boy was removed from his home by DSS for safety reasons when there was a question of how medical issues were being handled by the parents. Now, nearly two years later, the father is continuing his plea to the board to investigate the DSS and how they are managing the case. He is not alone, as friends and family have voiced their support of the family in previous council meetings. The father is a member of the U.S. Navy, and he and his wife have eight other children who are all still living at home.

Grandmother pursues physical custody of granddaughters

The opioid crisis has affected many parents who are in danger of losing their children. In many cases, the grandparents are able to step in and be the parents the children need them to be. However, Pennsylvania grandparents who have taken over parental duties for their children have a fight in front of them while trying to gain physical custody of their grandchildren. One woman is telling her story of her attempt at getting physical custody of her two granddaughters, in hopes that it will help others in her position.

The 59-year-old grandmother, and her daughter and two granddaughters, shared an apartment in order to cut living expenses. A neglect complaint to the Department of Family and Children Services by an unknown individual resulted in the girls, ages 2 and 5, being placed in foster care. The complaint stated the children were not taken for blood testing for potential diseases after hypodermic needles were found in the mother's bedroom. When the grandmother went to court to get the girls back in her care, she was advised that she would not need the services of an attorney, but she ended up losing her case. A recent supervised visit found the girls in good spirits, but the grandmother could tell they did not display the ebullience they normally possessed.

Divorce terms spelled out for Real Housewives couple

It is sad when a Pennsylvania marriage ends, especially when it seems to everyone around that all is well. Thanks to gossip columnists of old, and social media in the present, speculations as well as actual reasons for divorce are spread far and wide. Another couple in the Real Housewives franchise has chosen to divorce, and both spouses claim there has not been any inappropriate act by the other that initiated the process.

Jim and Alexis Bellino from the Orange County location have already received an order from the court pertaining to spousal and child support. They were married for 13 years and have three children together. Although Bellino was expecting to receive spousal support from his ex-wife, the court disagreed. Not only will he be paying $6,000 each month in child support, she receives a monthly sum of $10,000 in spousal support.

Estate planning in blended families may bring harsh realities

As divorce is commonplace, the chances that you will marry for a second time, or marry someone who was previously married is relatively high. Blending families is difficult, with spouses and children facing many readjustments as they find their places in the post-divorce landscape and begin anew. 

Possible jail time for dad refusing to pay child support

When a Pennsylvania couple is married and they have a child, they both are expected to contribute to the upbringing of the child, financially, emotionally and physically. Just because the parents decide to end their marriage does not mean that role ends for the parent who is not granted primary custody. Child support and time spent during visitation periods are often more important when the family is not what it once was. One man who is planning to run for governor of his state may have to spend some time in jail for not paying child support.

The candidate has three children with two ex-wives. He has fallen behind on the payments to both women, but there is some disagreement on exactly how much is owed to each. In a court appearance, he was told to pay half of what he has so far chosen to not pay his second ex-wife within 30 days or he will have to serve some jail time. The full amount includes his part in medical and education expenses for the children.

Women face unique challenges during divorce

Its no secret that the end of a marriage is a very stressful and emotional thing to experience. Some statistics suggest that nearly half of all marriages in Pennsylvania and across the United States end in divorce. These days, separating from a spouse can present unique financial challenges, especially for women. The following financial tips can be helpful for women who find themselves facing divorce.

One of the most important things to do before jumping into divorce negotiations is prepare. Taking time to research and gain an understanding of the complete financial situation is key. Obtain records of bank statements, retirement accounts, insurance and other financial records. Taxes can always be confusing, so it can be beneficial to research and learn about any applicable tax laws.

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