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Common reasons why marriages end

Conflicts are inevitable in a marriage regardless of how much you love your spouse. However, an inability to resolve a conflict may make it necessary to end a marriage with the help of a Pennsylvania mediator or judge. This may be true even if you aren't subject to...

Fathers’ rights in Pennsylvania

Fathers in Pennsylvania have the same rights as mothers when it comes to custody and visitation. In most cases, fathers are given equal time with their children. However, there are some cases where fathers may not be awarded custody or visitation. If you are a father...

3 common divorce myths

Married couples in Pennsylvania divorce for all different reasons. The process is never fun, but for some people, divorce can provide a much-needed end to an unhealthy relationship. There are a lot of theories about divorce, and many of the myths that get perpetrated...

The effect of a divorce on your business

Marriages are not the only partnerships that can end when a divorce is made final. Sometimes, a family-owned business could be vulnerable as well. This is especially true when a married couple has built a business that is not necessarily growing as anticipated or has...


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