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Woman stretching finances due to lack of child support

Custodial parents in Pennsylvania know just how important a regular child support payment can be. Many know the problems that will arise without that payment. Unfortunately, two former spouses have a familiar and two-sided version of the same child support story.

The mother of three says her children are not allowed to live the same lifestyle as their peers because their father is so far behind on his child support payments. She is doing all she can just to keep the electricity from being cut off and to make sure they all have enough food to eat. She said it has been over four years since her ex gave her any support money and it was only $100. According to her, he also paid $130 just days before that to keep from being sent to jail. County reports show the ex is over $50,000 behind in support payments.

Father requests leniency on child support sum

Most Pennsylvania parents know just how important child support payments are in providing a somewhat comfortable lifestyle for their children. Should the parent who supplies those child support payments be unable to do so for any reason, there is the danger that some of the most basic needs of those children may not be met. For those parents, the sum of the financial support they owe accrues until the time comes when they are able to pay what they owe. Such is the case for one father who was released from prison and finding that he owed nearly $40,000 to the mother of his son.

The man was convicted in the 1995 case of a drive-by shooting that killed a four-year-old girl and injured four other people. He was 19 years old at the time, with his son just eight months. Since his paroled release four years ago, he has pursued and won exoneration for the crime that put him behind bars due to the findings on a review of police procedure at the time. While in prison he had no way to earn a living that would enable him to financially support his son and received the shock of his accumulated total upon his release.

Reality show contestant facing child custody battle

Raising a child is tough when two Pennsylvania parents are together and have each other for emotional support during the most frustrating times. Trying to raise a child when fighting an ex for child custody and financial support can be even more challenging. One of this season's contestants on "The Bachelor" is a mother who is currently dealing with child custody issues while trying to win the affections of one man in front of cameras and a national viewing audience.

Chelsea Roy and her ex-boyfriend had a little boy three years ago. While the two were engaged for a period, they never married. According to a report, the two split because the boyfriend allegedly had an affair with another woman, and Roy accused the man of physical and verbal abuse and intimidation. Roy initially filed an order of protection, but it was terminated when the two settled on a custody agreement, although their contact was limited to matters revolving around their son.

Proposed bill for automatic decision in some child custody cases

Many divorced or separated Pennsylvania fathers feel the court is biased when it comes to child custody. There is a frustration that primary child custody will automatically be granted to the mother simply because she is the mother. Many fathers often believe they are not heard, at times even when the potential for danger exists should the child be placed with the mother. One state is trying to change this perceived bias with the passage of a specific bill.

The bill calls for shared custody by default if the parents cannot come to an acceptable arrangement on their own. It has been promoted as a way to ensure fathers have as much time to spend with their children as the mothers. That state is not the only one considering passing such legislation; nearly half the states across the country have contemplated shared parenting laws.

Premature baby is the focus of father's child custody battle

Lessons learned from every event that happens in a person's life, good or bad, can be used to shape his or her future life. A man is taking the negatives in his past and wants to draw on them to become the father his premature daughter needs as he is fighting the state in a child custody battle. Pennsylvania parents may be interested in the child custody battle the man never thought he would have to fight began when he thought he was doing the right thing for his daughter.

The father had a rough childhood after both parents abandoned him and he ended up being adopted by a family that was not interested in showing love and affection. After making some mistakes in his life, he decided he wanted to be a better parent than the examples he had. The fact that his little girl was born at only 25 weeks and weighed just a little over a pound made him more determined to step up his parental game.

Mother is fighting state for child custody

Child custody battles can be a nightmare. Whether the child custody dispute is with a former spouse or with the state, the struggle can quickly become overwhelming. Pennsylvania parents may be stunned to hear the story of a woman who lost her children after suffering physical trauma.

The woman was an involved mother to two girls when she met someone through a dating service in 2015. The relationship only lasted three months because he became abusive. He was arrested at the time, but the incident happened when the girls were present and Child Protective Services got involved. They did not remove the girls, however.

Woman fights state in child custody battle

There are two sides of the story in a case where the mother claims her child was kidnapped by the state in which she lives. Some Pennsylvania parents may identify with the woman who has been fighting her state's Social Services department for the past five years in the child custody battle. Although the daughter was allowed to moved back home with her mother a few months ago, custody is still held by the state.

The problem began when the daughter was in fifth grade and had gotten trouble at school, after which she threatened to hurt herself. The mother was told to take the girl to a specific agency for a psychological evaluation, but the mother refused, claiming she had had a bad experience with that agency when her son had problems. She told the school officials she would take the girl to their family doctor, and he could give a recommendation of someone she would allow her daughter to see. However, she was not able to get the girl to their doctor before the state took the girl away from her.

Child custody at center of car theft by seven-year-old

When Pennsylvania parents feel it best to divorce, one of the main issues they have to consider is a child custody plan. Many times, divorcing parents can come to an agreement on child custody issues, but sometimes they cannot, and the court has to decide for them. One mother is fighting the court's decision and is trying to regain custody of her son.

The seven-year-old boy was recently injured in a car wreck. His mother said he stole the car from the parents of a friend just so he could be with her. The car flipped when he reached speeds over 100 miles per hour and he was not wearing a seatbelt. The mother claims she found out while visiting him at the hospital that this was the fourth car he had taken in the past week.

Child support demands for Harvey Weinstein

There has been almost nothing more prevalent in the news the past couple of months than the claims of sexual assault and harassment that has allegedly run rampant in the entertainment industry for decades. It may not surprise Pennsylvania residents that Eve Chilton, Harvey Weinstein's first wife, is demanding a lump sum of child support to be paid immediately. She is worried that he will not be able to meet his child support requirements once he has to pay on the lawsuits against him.

During their seven-year marriage, the couple had three children, who are presently 15, 19 and 22 years of age. At the time of their divorce, Weinstein was ordered to pay a sum of $60 million over time. Ms. Chilton claims he still owes a remaining $5 million. Her attorney says he should have no problem paying that amount at this time, as his net worth is purported to be approximately $240 million. Her attorney also requests the outstanding amount be paid at once, as the number of lawsuits against Weinstein increases each week.

Father wants to save boy from mother in child custody battle

A Pennsylvania child custody battle can be expensive but may be well worth it, especially if all evidence points to the child currently living in a dangerous situation. That is the case of a father who is looking to get custody of his son from the child's mother. Co-workers of the father are helping him raise the money he needs to hire an attorney to fight for him and his son in the child custody dispute.

The child's mother has claimed for all of the boy's eight years of life that he has been ill with one condition or another. He has had 13 major surgeries and 323 hospital admissions since he was born, and the father claims most of them were unnecessary. When he fought for custody in the past, he was only able to represent himself and says the judges always believed his ex. He says he even had official medical documentation confirming the boy was not suffering from the illnesses, as the mother claimed, and the judge would not accept it. At one point the judge even took away all visitation rights from him, even though he continued to pay a monthly child support amount of $600.

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