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Former taxi mogul insists he cannot pay child support

After a divorce, the more affluent Pennsylvania parent is expected to provide financially for a child and, often, a former spouse. When that parent refuses, for whatever reason, to make child support payments, he or she may find himself or herself in front of a judge for an explanation. That is what recently happened to Gene Freidman, also known as the Taxi King, for not paying his ex-wife, Sandra, over $400,000 in child support.

The 47-year-old former owner of a large fleet of taxis claims he no longer has the funds to pay child support, as he has not even been able to pay for a recent electric bill, resulting in his service being disconnected. Furthermore, he has had to apply for Medicaid for his daughter because he can no longer afford her insurance payments. His once-sizeable taxi empire has lost earnings as the popularity of Uber and other ride-sharing ventures grows.

Mother determined to fight in child custody case

There can be a number of reasons why a Pennsylvania parent loses custody of a child. Trying to regain child custody can often feel like an uphill battle. One mother has a long road to travel as she tries to reclaim the child custody rights of her three children.

The woman says she was a drug addict and tried to get into an inpatient rehab program, but they would not accept her because the pregnancy test she took came back positive. The only option available to her was outpatient. One day when she was eight months into her pregnancy, she and her boyfriend snorted the drugs heroin and Xanax. Several hours later, she gave birth in a fast food restaurant bathroom but was so high she did not realize at the time she had done so. The child, a boy, survived, and police responding to an emergency call got mother and son to the hospital.

Spousal support order for Alicia Silverstone

A familiar way of life comes to an end when a Pennsylvania couple gets a divorce. A shared household, family calendar or bank account can suddenly become complicated when attempting to divide habitual responsibilities. The purpose of child and spousal support is to continue the standard of living maintained in the marriage. Actress Alicia Silverstone is facing a spousal support order in her divorce settlement.

Silverstone and musician Christopher Jarecki were married in 2005 but decided to separate nearly 11 years later, due to irreconcilable differences. The two were able to keep the news from their fans until earlier this year, and she did not file for divorce until six months ago. Both say they intend to remain close friends and do what is best for their son, Bear Blu, 7.

Woman wants child support from ex, now local sheriff

A Pennsylvania woman who raises a child on her own usually has several concerns. One of the most troubling is child support. Some women earn a paycheck that will enable their children to have wants as well as needs, but some do not and need the financial support an ex can provide. One woman is seeking child support and sole custody from the father of her unborn child.

The woman and her ex-boyfriend, the county sheriff where they live, conceived a child, but he broke off the relationship once she found out she was pregnant. She has kept the text messages he sent, alluding to the fact he did not want any children. She claims he wanted her to have an abortion, but she was adamant that she was not going to terminate the pregnancy. She then decided to sue her ex for custody and support.

How are a child's best interests determined in custody cases?

In cases where parents with minor-aged children divorce or split up, the family courts may be called upon to make custody and visitation decisions. The "best interest of the child" is a term often used to describe factors the family court takes into consideration when making these decisions. A child's health, safety and well-being are the court's main concern, so a number of issues must be carefully considered and weighed.

Each custody case is handled differently depending on the individual circumstances.

Paternity questions for woman wanting child support

When it comes to paternity and support lawsuits, it often seems that professional athletes and entertainers top the list. The everyday person who denies paternity and refuses to pay child support does not seem to be nearly as newsworthy. Pennsylvania basketball devotees may know the name Marcus Camby and may be interested that he is being taken to court for child support.

Camby played for several teams during his 17-year NBA career, ending with the New York Knicks. He and his wife have two daughters, but she is not the one saying he owes her child support. The woman in question gave birth to a girl in 2011 and claims Camby is the father. He is not legally named as the father, but a report on the subject states she says he does not deny his status. She even had social media pictures with the three of them celebrating the girl's first birthday.

Retired NBA player wants adjustment in child support payments

Upon the ending of a marriage, many Pennsylvania parents will attempt to come to an agreement on several financial issues. One of the most important is that of child support. Former NBA player, Matt Barnes, is fighting with his ex-wife, Gloria Govan, in his attempt to decrease the amount of child support he pays her each month.

The two were only married three years but had twin boys while they were dating. The boys are now 9 years of age, and Barnes not only pays Govan $20,000 each month for their support but also pays the tuition for the private school they attend. He would like to lower that amount because he now has full custody of the boys.

Grandmother could lose grandchildren in custody dispute

The opioid crisis affects those who have been ensnared by their addiction as well as their family members who also have to live with consequences. The past few years have shown that more parents are raising the children of their children who face substance abuse struggles. However, many state laws may make a custody dispute on the part of the grandparent an uphill battle. Pennsylvania grandparents may be interested in the custody dispute of a grandmother who desperately wants to keep her two grandchildren.

When the children were infants, both parents voluntarily relinquished custody of them until they were no longer minors. Their mother's mother willingly chose to care for the children, thinking they would be in her care until they turned 18. They are now 12 and 13, and the father, who lives over 1,000 miles away from the grandmother, has decided he wants custody of them. Their mother is physically unable to care for them but is able to see them when she visits her mother's house.

Finding help in the devastation of divorce

Pennsylvania residents who did not want to see their marriages end often have a hard time moving past what they have been through. There are days some of these people are so devastated about their divorce, it can be hard to get out of bed and get going. There are some steps to take to motivate those whose world has been turned upside-down as a result of their divorce.

Divorce has been compared somewhat to death, as in the fact that a person will go through something similar to the stages of grief. When a person understands what those stages are and recognizes where he or she is in relation, this may give that person some insight as to what may come next. One thing to remember is that many others have gone through this process. Hearing about differing experiences, good or bad, can help a person put some perspective on his or her particular situation and perhaps bring some comfort during the most difficult times.

Social media post shows divorce does not have to end in animosity

Some Pennsylvania marriages end with the former spouses holding bitterness and anger toward each other for years after the relationship is over. However, continual animosity after the divorce can be uncomfortable for any children the couple may have had. One daughter posted on social media what she has seen from her parents in the 28 years since they finalized their divorce.

The post from the daughter was a picture that showed her father pushing a lawnmower. She explained it was her dad mowing her mother's yard, even though they had not been married for nearly three decades. She says her siblings from her mother and step-father ask her why he does that for a woman to whom he is no longer married, and she tells them their mother is physically unable to care for the yard and their father is often away on business. Her father knows they need the help and, although the marriage did not work out, he cares enough to lend a hand.

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