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Child Support

Pittsburgh Child Support Lawyer

Pennsylvania child support payments are largely determined by state child support guidelines that take into account (among other factors) the income of each parent and the number of nights per year that the children will be spending with each parent. At Sweeney Law Offices, LLC we represent the rights of parents during the process of determining the proper application of child support guidelines. For legal guidance in a custody or child support matter, contact our experienced Pittsburgh child support attorneys via email or call us today at 724-742-2590.

New Child Support Guidelines In Pennsylvania

The child support laws in Pennsylvania have recently been amended. At Sweeney Law Offices, LLC we assist clients by explaining the impact of the new provisions. When the situation requires adjustments from state guidelines, we pursue child support agreements that respond to needs of the family. We prepare agreements that take into consideration educational expenses, quality health care, clothing, and special needs for children.

Child Support Modification

Child support agreements tend to change throughout the years as the material circumstances of the parents change. Our Pennsylvania family law practice represents the interests of our clients in all post-decree modification matters.

We also handle child support enforcement matters. We help parents secure current child support and back payments from so-called “deadbeat dads” or “deadbeat moms.”

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For effective legal counsel in a child support matter, contact our Pittsburgh child support lawyer via email or call us today at 724-742-2590.

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