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Collaborative Divorce

Working Together To Find a Solution

Divorce doesn’t have to be confrontational. Disputes over property division, custody and child support don’t have to escalate into a courtroom conflict. You don’t have to spend the time and money on litigation to obtain a fair and reasonable resolution to family law matters.

At the Sweeney Law Offices, LLC, we help people in the Pittsburgh area and throughout western Pennsylvania work together and use collaborative law techniques to find real solutions to disputes in divorce. To discuss your case with an experienced lawyer and persuasive negotiator, contact us today.

Why Choose Collaborative Law?

When compared to a traditional divorce — or even divorce mediationcollaborative divorce can offer substantial benefits to all parties involved. These benefits may include:

Control: In collaborative law proceedings, you maintain control of the process and the ultimate outcome. You aren’t relying on a judge who is unfamiliar with you and your family to make important decisions.

Communication: Collaborative law encourages respect and fosters cooperation, instead of a win or lose attitude. This will often be very useful going forward.

Trust: The collaborative process is transparent, meaning that both parties agree to full disclosure and open discussion of the issues in dispute.

Resources: Collaborative law proceedings often make use of experts such as parenting coaches and financial planners who can assist in the creation of a plan that serves the needs and interests of all parties.

Savings: Like other methods of alternative dispute resolution, collaborative law offers parties an opportunity to work out a mutual agreement that saves the time and expense of a trial.

Commitment: All parties involved in collaborative law proceedings — divorcing spouses, attorneys and experts — agree to see the process through. If the collaborative process breaks down, attorneys and experts are required to withdraw.

Confidentiality: Unlike court proceedings, expert testimony and personal statements given in the framework of the collaborative law process are not made part of the public record. This is an important benefit for those who are concerned about the personal and professional consequences of information that may be divulged in the course of a traditional, litigated divorce.

In addition to the practical benefits offered by collaborative law, finding an amicable way of resolving family disputes can have a positive psychological impact, particularly on children. Scientific studies indicate that children suffer less stress and recover more quickly in divorce situations that are resolved through collaborative or mediated proceedings.

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