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Collaborative High Asset Divorce

Even Complex, High-Stakes Cases May Benefit From a Collaborative Approach

At the Sweeney Law Offices, LLC, you will find a team of highly experienced lawyers who understand the complexities of divorce and division of property matters involving substantial assets and complex marital estates.

In addition to determined representation in mediation and litigation, our attorneys offer knowledgeable and experienced guidance in collaborative high asset divorce. We serve the needs and interests of clients in the Pittsburgh area and throughout western Pennsylvania. Contact us today to learn more in an informative initial consultation.

Collaborative Law Offers Advantages in High Asset Divorce

While all of the general benefits of collaborative law may apply in high asset divorce situations, many of our clients have found that a collaborative approach to individual and marital asset protection and the division of debt can offer definite advantages over traditional litigation.

While in some cases it is impossible to avoid a court battle over business interests and investment accounts, a collaborative high asset divorce may enable both parties to more effectively lay a foundation for financial security moving forward.

Preserving Assets Through Cost Savings

In deciding whether your approach to a high asset divorce should be adversarial or collaborative, it is important to take issues such as cost and control into account. The litigation of the division of property in complex marital estates can be very expensive. This runs contrary to the desire to preserve as many assets as possible.

Keeping Private Information Out of the Public Eye

Confidentiality is another key concern that often leads parties involved in a high asset divorce to pursue a resolution through collaborative family law. There may be very good reasons to strive to avoid having personal details and financial records made public, especially in the case of those for whom their professional reputation is a valuable asset.

Efficient Use of Expert Resources

The Sweeney Law Offices, LLC has established professional relationships with respected experts — such as forensic accountants and financial planners — who can be of enormous benefit in resolving disputes in a collaborative process.

Unlike a traditional litigated or mediated divorce in which each party hires a separate expert to advocate often diametrically opposed positions, in the collaborative process the parties agree upon a neutral expert who is tasked with facilitating a reasonable agreement.

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