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Mothers’ Rights

Pennsylvania Mothers’ Rights Attorney

At Sweeney Law Offices, LLC we provide effective legal advice for parents who want to maintain strong relationships with their children after divorce. We encourage shared custody agreements when it is in the best interest of the children. And when it is necessary, we vigorously pursue effective custody agreements in court. If you are concerned about the custody of your children, contact our Western Pennsylvania family law firm via email or call us today at 724-742-2590.

A “shared parenting agreement” is often the most appropriate equitable solution to a custody dispute, and undeniably the best available antidote for the emotional and developmental difficulties that arise with a contentious divorce atmosphere. Fortunately, with a degree of flexibility, careful planning, and a measure of self-control, you may not have to subject yourselves, as parents, or your children to the torments and tortures of an adversarial divorce litigation focused on custody matters.

Negotiation and compromise in the child’s best interest is always the approach to emphasize first. A respectful, honorable, more humane decision-making is preferable to and less traumatic than litigation, when possible. As a social worker, attorney and mediator, Attorney Sweeney always puts the needs of the children first when helping either parent pursue a custody agreement.

Woman’s Rights In Custody Considerations

A WOMAN WHO WANTS TO retain primary custody of the children because she believes, for many diverse reasons, that is in the best interest of the children, may have situations when she must be very cautious. When dad is a work-at-home father or has great flexibility in his schedule, the situation must be looked at carefully. When dad has been the primary caregiver and mom the ‘breadwinner’ it is possible that mom’s primary custodian position traditionally established may be in question. If this may be your circumstance, call Sweeney Law Offices, LLC for a consultation immediately at 724-742-2590 or email an experienced child custody attorney. Attorney Sweeney is always advocating for the best interest of your children and will work relentlessly to make sure you maintain your rights as a parent.

Mother’s Rights In A Divorce Matter

In a divorce litigation or, even in a negotiated agreement, women have special needs dependant upon their individual circumstance that men often do not have to face. Sweeney Law Offices, LLC offers specialized divorce planning geared to assist the woman’s needs and the particular challenges that women encounter. The very ‘fibre’ of your life is impacted – financial strain, reduced standard of living, escalated emotional upheaval and stress-chaotic, estranged relationship with your children, the need to re-define your goals and educational needs, among others. A divorce is a ‘grieving process’ and you will encounter the various stages of this process through disbelief, depression, anger, distrust, confusion, retaliation, isolation, acceptance and, finally-at long last-Moving On.!!

Sweeney Law Offices, LLC has a vigorous advocacy for you to assist in protecting your needs and providing the specialist you will need to make informed decisions about yourself, your children and your family’s future.

Our skilled family law attorneys have a unique network of the most highly qualified specialists available to provide you with the finest input, to include:

  • Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) familiar with all divorce law and up-to-date caselaw affecting the financial situation you may be in.
  • Pension, 401(k), and Retirement Evaluators
  • Child and Adult Psychiatrist, Psychologist and Therapists
  • Certified Divorce Financial Planners
  • Marital Personal Property Evaluators
  • Real Estate Appraisers and Realtors
  • Business Evaluators if you or your husband own a business which requires valuation as part of the marital estate
  • Bankruptcy Counseling with Consulting Bankruptcy Attorneys

If you are a woman confronted with any of the above, you need to speak to a qualified family law attorney today! Call Sweeney Law Offices, LLC for a consultation to discuss in length your unique needs at 724-742-2590 or click here to email Attorney Sweeney.

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