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Child Custody Solutions That Put Your Child First

There are many things to consider when deciding on a child custody and child visitation agreement. What does your child prefer? Are both partners fit to parent? What family members is the child close to? Who can afford to support the child? The end goal of any child custody plan is to ensure your child’s ability to live a happy and healthy life is not at all impacted by your decision to divorce.

At the Sweeney Law Offices, LLC, our lawyers understand the challenges that divorce and separation may introduce to parents. When working with child custody or visitation, it is our goal to explore creative solutions and offer supportive legal counsel for parents, children and any other family member that may be involved.

Experienced Insight And Truly Caring Support

At Sweeney Law Offices, LLC, we are your ally during difficult divorce and child custody disagreements. We take all family relationships into account when working with our clients and their children — safeguarding the rights of the mother, father, grandparents and any other family member involved in the upbringing of the child.

Our founder, attorney Mildred B. Sweeney, is also a licensed social worker for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Attorney Sweeney has worked as the director of children’s services in community mental health centers. She brings a solid background in child psychology to her work in child custody matters.

We are often able to guide parents to a positive resolution that protects them and their children from the adversarial and emotionally divisive effects of a divorce. Whether in negotiations, mediation or through trial, we always stand by what is best for your child and your family.

“In the Best Interests of the Child”

It is vital to always place the best interests and well-being of the child before all else when agreeing to a child custody arrangement. Litigation may negatively impact the child’s upbringing, especially if both parents hold resentment toward each other in the aftermath of their legal battle.

Our law firm emphasizes the importance of collaborative solutions and compromise, for the benefit of the child. Joint custody agreements tend to lead to happier and healthier children, and allow both parents to interact and cooperate in the raising of their child. In the end, however, we will always go to trial when it’s necessary to protect your parental rights and the best interests of your child.

Let Us Help You Start Your Family’s Next Chapter

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