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Military Divorce

Experienced Guidance And Dedicated Advocacy In Military Divorce

When one or both parties in a divorce are active duty military personnel, additional legal complexities may arise. While active duty military divorce involves the same issues as traditional divorce — division of property, child custody, child support, visitation and alimony — there are often different rules and challenges for resolving disputes.

For example, some military pensions are divisible in divorce. Others are not. An attorney who is unfamiliar with this issue may not be able to offer the knowledgeable guidance you need. Also, custody and support issues become complicated when one parent is on active duty at a military installation overseas. You need a divorce lawyer who has extensive experience handling military cases.

The team at the Sweeney Law Offices, LLC represents clients in the Pittsburgh area, throughout western Pennsylvania, and stationed at military installations worldwide in divorce proceedings. We help active duty military personnel and their spouses resolve disputes and obtain solutions in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Contact us today to discuss your case with an experienced military divorce lawyer.

Representation For Active Duty Military Personnel Stationed Overseas

In any divorce where one party is on active duty outside the United States, there is a real risk that the member of the armed forces will have difficulty asserting his or her rights. At the Sweeney Law Offices, LLC, we represent clients stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Egypt and around the world who need experienced representation to ensure that their rights — particularly in matters of child custody and child support — are protected.

The Soldiers and Sailors Act may provide protections to active duty military personnel whose custody and visitation rights are being challenged in divorce. Just because you are out of the country, you should not be at a disadvantage in these proceedings.

Our firm offers free 15 minute telephone consultations with an experienced attorney who can explain the process and educate you as to your rights and options. When necessary, we have conducted entire cases by phone and have petitioned the courts to allow telephonic testimony in divorce proceedings.

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