Let Our Family Help Your Family

Leading Your Child To A Brighter Future

Sometimes our children simply get into trouble. When they are involved in the juvenile disciplinary system, they may be facing juvenile delinquency — a separate system than the typical criminal courts of Pennsylvania. When your own parenting is suspected to be unsafe or improper, you may have a dependency case in which the state may be trying to take your child away.

Sweeney Law Offices, LLC knows that one misstep shouldn’t put your child’s entire future into jeopardy. We work to protect your family from the legal ramifications of these situations, helping you take the first step to a better future.

Helping Children Avoid Delinquency

Our kids can make dumb mistakes. One mistake shouldn’t sacrifice years of hard work and dedication toward a better future.

When your child is facing delinquency for underage drinking, destruction of property, theft or any other juvenile law matter, our attorneys can help you defend your rights and your family before the court. We take care of the details of the delinquency process, so you can focus on getting back on your feet.

Defending Families In Juvenile Dependency Cases

When the Office of Children, Youth and Families (CYF) thinks your child is unsafe or neglected in the home, they may try to remove them and place them in the foster system. One bad situation may be misconstrued, and the state may be acting inappropriately and overstepping its bounds in the process. Trust in our lawyers to defend your rights and keep your family together.

You Don’t Have To Go Through This Alone

Our delinquency and dependency lawyers in Cranberry Township have helped hundreds of Pittsburgh families through the challenges of juvenile law. During your first consultation, we’ll walk through all the needs and concerns of your family, and will continue working closely with you through the duration of your case. Together, we can overcome this.

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