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No Contest Divorce

Why Hire a Lawyer in a No-Contest Divorce?

Not every divorce is a battle. When both parties agree regarding the fair division of property, child custody, visitation, child support and alimony, getting a no-contest divorce can be a relatively quick and inexpensive process.

You can even get many of the necessary forms online. We have seen them. Unfortunately, many online divorce forms do not cover everything. Even if they did and you had no difficulty filling them out properly, most people simply do not know how to file the forms and have the no-contest divorce finalized by the courts.

Filing a no-contest divorce pro se — doing it yourself — can be problematic. Unfortunately, you are likely to be lost in the system. You may think you are taking the quickest, easiest route, but handling a divorce without the guidance of a lawyer means that you will have to figure out the filing process on your own and go to court to protect your own rights and interests.

The fact is the divorce process is not designed to be handled effectively or efficiently by the layperson. While it is technically possible to achieve a no-contest divorce without consulting an attorney, the legal and logistical complexities involved make this approach unadvisable for most people.

At the Sweeney Law Offices, LLC, our team of accomplished divorce and family law attorneys offer experienced, efficient guidance to individuals in the Pittsburgh area and throughout western Pennsylvania seeking to obtain a low-cost, low-stress no-contest divorce.

We offer sound legal guidance and experienced representation in these cases. Our goal is to help you do things right the first time and to help you overcome any challenges quickly, efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. When you hire us to represent you, you can trust that we will not needlessly complicate the process in order to collect a fee.

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