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Keeping certain parts of a divorce confidential

by | Apr 9, 2024 | Divorce

Divorce is traumatic on its own. Then, there may be the worry that your professional life is at risk because of having the private details of your situation made public. Many people in Pennsylvania going through this process think that having a divorce made public only happens to celebrities or famous people until the nitty-gritty details are put out for everyone to see. This leads many to ask the question of whether it is possible to keep a divorce confidential.

Making divorce public

Regardless of who initiates the divorce filing, the court may make divorce settlements public. This means that anyone can view them, gaining insight into personal finances. This exposes the parties to potential financial risks, including fraud. The same public scrutiny extends to hearings held in open court.

Securing confidentiality

While the divorce filing cannot be kept private, cooperation between spouses can shield some personal matters from public view. Child support, alimony and other spousal support arrangements can be handled confidentially through settlement agreements. Records can be sealed, and both spouses can enter into confidentiality agreements.

Even if one party prioritizes confidentiality, the other party may agree to a confidentiality agreement during settlement negotiations without relinquishing any rights. Such agreements are stringent, prohibiting disclosure of specific divorce, settlement or marriage details as agreed upon by both parties.

Abandoning social media

One of the most effective ways to maintain privacy during divorce is exercising personal discretion, especially in the era of social media. In the past, news of a divorce might have been confined to close friends or coworkers. However, social media platforms can disseminate text messages, posts and images worldwide. A momentary lapse in judgment can expose private information. Therefore, it is highly recommended to refrain from using social media until emotions have settled to prevent unintentional disclosure.

Divorce proceedings can be tumultuous. However, taking proactive measures can minimize public exposure and maintain some degree of privacy.