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Amnesty for responding non-custodial parents paying child support

Pennsylvania non-custodial parents who are behind on their child support payments may want to take note of a program another state sponsored for their residents. The Child Support Offices of that state offered for the first time in 10 years amnesty to parents who were behind on their payments. They believed this would help those non-custodial parents get back on track in making an effort to provide for their children. While the program was offered statewide in August, two counties have extended the amnesty for another month.

Bench warrants previously initiated on non-custodial parents in those counties will be withdrawn if they go to a child support office to make three months of payments. If they have had a license revoked because of their nonpayment status, those licenses will be returned to them at that time. They will also be able to work with a court liaison to overcome any issues they may have with being able to make future regular monthly payments. 

Nearly 200 letters were sent to these parents urging them to take advantage of the program. Nearly half responded, and over $5,000 was collected. The bench warrants are only issued if no payments are received and court dates are missed. The offices would much rather encourage the parent provide financial support than put the parent in jail.

There is no guarantee that Pennsylvania will ever offer this type of program. However, any attempt to pay outstanding child support would be seen as favorable. Custodial parents who are having trouble collecting the support needed to provide for their children may want to seek the services of a qualified professional.

Source: grandlakenews.com, “Child support amnesty offered to parents in Delaware, Ottawa counties”, Kaylea M. Hutson-Miller, Sep. 8, 2015