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Father names 26 individuals in lawsuit from child custody battle

Child custody agreements can range from simple, especially if the relationship between the parents is amicable, to extremely complex. Pennsylvania parents who are in the midst of a seemingly never-ending battle to figure out what is best for their children may be interested in the story of a surgeon who has recently filed a lawsuit against a total of 26 people in the quest for custody of his daughter. His battle has been going on for 10 years, and he has spent over $1 million in his child custody battle.

The father claims each of the 26 people participated in some way in a conspiracy to keep him from being able to share custody of his daughter. Several judges, law enforcement officers and child welfare representatives were accused of damages by emotional, financial and physical means. His lawsuit will not only seek to recover some of the money he has spent in the past years, but it will also seek to reclaim the right he has as the girl’s father to even spend time with her — a right a judge ended two years ago.

During one of three arrests made on charges of contempt of court, the father was physically injured by one of the deputies making the arrest. Each time, the contempt charges were dismissed. He says reports written by welfare workers after interviews with his daughter were skewed in favor of the mother and that several of the judges he faced over the past 10 years perverted and obstructed justice in their judgments against him. This lawsuit is in addition to the continuing custody dispute between the man and his ex-wife.

This man has seemingly made every effort to be a part of his daughter’s life, both financially and physically. All those efforts have been thwarted by those who should be showing no bias in this child custody battle. Parents who feel they are not being heard by the court system may want to find a professional in Pennsylvania who will fight for their rights as they seek to remain in the lives of their children.

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