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Child custody verdict favors Paul Anka

Bitter divorce procedures between two Pennsylvania parents may often involve battles over their children. One or both parents can try to use the children in an attempt at retaliation while overlooking the best interests of all involved. Singer Paul Anka feels he scored a great victory in the final child custody ruling concerning his son.

Although many details were omitted in a report on the court proceedings, Anka has been granted sole custody of his 11-year-old son, Ethan. Anka has had physical custody of his son for over two years. During the custody hearing, Ethan told the court he had strong negative feelings toward his mother. Since that testimony, Anka’s ex-wife, Anna Aberg has not even seen her son.

Anna’s attorney states there has never been legal verification that her client has been an unfit mother and that Anka only won the case because of his prominence. She further claims the income inequality between the former spouses weighed heavily in Anka’s favor. One of her failed arguments before the judge was that state’s proposal of family reunification, or the bringing together of one parent and the child when the other parent has allegedly deceptively manipulated the relationship.

When parents cannot agree on a child custody arrangement, it is best to bring in professionals who will, without bias, draw up an agreement that is suitable to all parties. These professionals help remind the parents what is of utmost importance, which is what is best for the children. There are attorneys in Pennsylvania who have a thorough knowledge of the laws of the state who can help parents overcome any impasse that is keeping them from an acceptable arrangement.

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