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Premature baby is the focus of father’s child custody battle

Lessons learned from every event that happens in a person’s life, good or bad, can be used to shape his or her future life. A man is taking the negatives in his past and wants to draw on them to become the father his premature daughter needs as he is fighting the state in a child custody battle. Pennsylvania parents may be interested in the child custody battle the man never thought he would have to fight began when he thought he was doing the right thing for his daughter.

The father had a rough childhood after both parents abandoned him and he ended up being adopted by a family that was not interested in showing love and affection. After making some mistakes in his life, he decided he wanted to be a better parent than the examples he had. The fact that his little girl was born at only 25 weeks and weighed just a little over a pound made him more determined to step up his parental game.

The state got involved when the father made the report that he believed the girl’s mother was taking illegal drugs. He said he went to the hospital one day to see his daughter and found that she had been placed in foster care as a result of his suspicion. He argues that he was never notified of the intended action by the state’s child protective services.

A child custody battle against the state often proves to be a tougher fight than one against an ex. In either case, however, finding the living arrangement that is best for the child is the goal of the court. An experienced family law attorney is an invaluable asset when devising the strategy to be presented to a Pennsylvania judge.

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