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Spousal support order for Alicia Silverstone

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Family Law

A familiar way of life comes to an end when a Pennsylvania couple gets a divorce. A shared household, family calendar or bank account can suddenly become complicated when attempting to divide habitual responsibilities. The purpose of child and spousal support is to continue the standard of living maintained in the marriage. Actress Alicia Silverstone is facing a spousal support order in her divorce settlement.

Silverstone and musician Christopher Jarecki were married in 2005 but decided to separate nearly 11 years later, due to irreconcilable differences. The two were able to keep the news from their fans until earlier this year, and she did not file for divorce until six months ago. Both say they intend to remain close friends and do what is best for their son, Bear Blu, 7.

Silverstone has been ordered to pay Jarecki a monthly sum off $12,000 for the next five years, with specific guidelines by which he must adhere to continue receipt. They will also be sharing physical and legal custody of their son with no amount of child support from either parent indicated. A visitation schedule that is fair and equal to both parents is expected to be drawn up by the two of them.

For an ex who has made little or no income during a marriage, it can be intimidating to start a new life. Child and spousal support can help alleviate some of those fears. The variations in laws between states may prompt those seeking financial support to employ the services of a Pennsylvania attorney who will represent their interests in a court of law.