We are delighted to announce that our physical office is re-opening to our existing and new clients. To provide safety to both our clients and staff, we are adapting the CDC guidelines for social distancing while we are in the yellow phase. Rest assured, that we have and will continue to regularly clean all areas of the office especially the high-traffic areas. All attorneys and staff will have their temperature taken daily and will be wearing masks when interacting with clients. Any attorneys and staff with a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher will work remotely. They will then be required to follow CDCrecommended steps, including not returning to work until the CDC criteria to discontinue home isolation are met.

As the health and safety of our clients and their families is our top priority, we are asking that our clients follow the procedures below during the yellow phase:

  1. Upon entering the building, we ask that all persons wash their hands or hand-sanitize. We will be providing access to soap, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.
  2. We will also be taking temperatures with non-contact thermometers upon entering the office.
  3. Our office is set-up to comply with social distancing of six feet. In the conference and mediation rooms we are asking that each person sit a minimum of one chair apart from attorneys and/or staff at all times.
  4. Masks are available and will be provided open request.
  5. Teleconferences Zoom meetings, and FaceTime are available in lieu of inperson meetings if requested.
  6. We will continue to have the drop-box available for delivery of documents.

In the event that anyone is sick or have been exposed to COVID-19, we ask that you reschedule your appointment or utilize the electronic forums listed above.

As each county determines the procedures that will be followed, please ask your attorney of the specific procedures regarding the county in which your case in pending.

Please note that we will also continue to accommodate the needs of new clients, who are welcome, and as always we encourage and appreciate referrals. During this uncertain and unprecedented time, please stay safe and remember that Sweeney Law Office, LLC will remain by your side for all of your family’s legal needs. We ask that you have patience during this challenging time.

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Why many happy couples opt for a prenup

A growing number of people in Pennsylvania are considering prenuptial agreements when they decide to marry. Once often considered a matter only for the ultra-wealthy or high-profile celebrities, many people are opting to make a contract to address important issues before tying the knot. Since many people are marrying later in life, after they have purchased property or established businesses or careers, they may have different concerns from people who married before launching their individual projects. Some people want to avoid prenups, because they view them as planning for divorce during what should be a happy time.

However, many financial experts advise that prenups can be extremely helpful, more like a form of insurance than a plan to divorce. They also note that people in certain circumstances may find prenups even more beneficial. It is important to remember that prenuptial agreements are negotiated contracts that should benefit both parties. They do not exist simply to protect one spouse from the other. Both people should also have their own family law attorneys to help them negotiate the agreement in order for the prenup to hold up later in court.

When people remarry after having children, a prenuptial agreement may be a good idea. This can be one way of managing the complicated estate planning issues that can arise when people want to protect both their spouse and the children. Business owners may also want to consider a prenuptial agreement. Many startup founders may even face difficulties finding investments if their companies are not protected from potential division in a divorce.

There are a number of reasons why happy couples excited about their future together may want to begin their marriage with a prenuptial agreement. A family law attorney might help clients negotiate a fair prenup that addresses a range of concerns.


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