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3 common divorce myths

by | Dec 13, 2021 | Divorce

Married couples in Pennsylvania divorce for all different reasons. The process is never fun, but for some people, divorce can provide a much-needed end to an unhealthy relationship. There are a lot of theories about divorce, and many of the myths that get perpetrated are untrue. Here are three of the most common divorce myths:

Myth #1: Men usually initiate divorce

The myth that men are usually the people that initiate divorce proceedings is completely false. In fact, two-thirds of divorce petitions are filed by women. While men are more likely to have issues like drinking, drug use and infidelity that could negatively impact a marriage, it is usually women who file the paperwork.

Some research has shown that women are more likely to initiate divorce due to child custody factors. Because women are more likely to be granted full custody in most states, they are usually more willing to begin the divorce process. In states that take a more even approach to child custody decisions, women file for divorce at lower rates.

Myth #2: Children are better off when unhappy parents divorce

There is a divorce myth that when parents fight with each other, their children will be happier after a divorce. While this can be true in very high-conflict marriages, it is not the case in most homes. Long-term studies have shown that children usually have fewer emotional problems when their parents stay together, even when their parents’ marriage was not ideal.

Myth #3: Living together before marriage lowers your chance of divorce

Some people think that living with their significant other before marriage can reduce their chance of divorcing that person later on. However, studies have actually shown the opposite. Couples that live together before getting married have a significantly higher divorce rate. It’s unclear why this is, but some people speculate that living together before marriage sets up an attitude that the relationship is temporary.

Every marriage is different

No statistics or long-term studies can explain the unique elements of each individual marriage and divorce. Every couple has a different set of circumstances impacting their marriage, and the decision to get a divorce is personal.