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Reasons not to resent paying child support

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2013 | Family Law

There are many noncustodial parents in Pennsylvania that resent having to give a check to their ex-spouse every month. It can be easy to forget that the custodial parent doesn’t only have his or herself to take care of, but is also taking care of the children. Child support gives custodial parents the extra money they need in order to maintain a household for the children.

During the marriage, both parents were contributing to the household. Once that marriage is over and the parties divorce, each parent has to set up a new household with somewhere around half of the money that the marital household had to work with. Each parent will have the same expenses, except the parent that is housing, feeding and clothing the children on a full time basis has those extra expenses.

For some parents, this is the also first time they have worked outside the home for many years. Getting a job that will cover all of the household expenses can be a challenge. When a family has enjoyed a certain standard of living, it can be difficult to adjust after a divorce.

These are just some of the reasons that child support is essential for custodial parents. It may be difficult at times to write that child support check each month, but perhaps it would help to think of it as a financial contribution to the children, not the ex-spouse or ex-partner. Noncustodial parents may not be entitled to an accounting of where the money is going, but if financial circumstances change, parents that pay child support may be relieved to know that the Pennsylvania courts can revisit a child support order and make appropriate modifications based upon the facts.

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