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Children do not care who gets the house or the car in the divorce

by | Apr 29, 2014 | Divorce

It can be easy for Pennsylvania couples to become embroiled in a court battle over who gets the house, car or some other asset in a divorce. It is almost as if that asset becomes the eye of the property division storm, and neither party is going to give it up without a fight. These divorce battles can become so consuming that the parties forget about everything else — even if for just a short time.

During this time, the couple’s children may grow increasingly agitated that their parents have put this asset, whatever it is, above them. This is a difficult time for everyone, but can be particularly difficult for the children. Not only do they have to watch their parents’ relationship deteriorate even further, but also they may begin to feel they do not matter.

When this happens, it is not that the parents are necessarily putting the asset above the children; it simply became the object of all of the hurt, anger and resentment that led to the end of the marriage. Most parents do not intend to make their children feel any less important. However, that could be the end result.

Taking a step back and refocusing on the needs of the children may serve two purposes for Pennsylvania parents involved in a divorce. First, it may put the children’s minds at ease and provide them with the security and stability they need to get through the process. Second, it can make the parents realize that they need to take a step back and work together to negotiate a divorce settlement that benefits everyone involved — especially the children.

Source: The Huffington Post, “12 Things Kids Think About Divorce But Are Too Afraid To Say“, Tara Kennedy-Kline, April 20, 2014