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We help end custody disputes by standing up for parents’ rights

It’s no secret that fathers usually play a huge role in the lives of their children. Although, historically, men in Pennsylvania may have only been awarded a weekend or two every month, fathers are now just as entitled to access to their children as their ex is. Despite the elevation of equal parental rights in custody disputes, we know that some men still may not be aware of what they are actually entitled to.

Even if a soon-to-be ex threatens to take the kids away, both parents initially have the right to roughly 50 percent custody. While extenuating circumstances can affect this and of course do from time to time, these usually involve claims of domestic violence or abuse. In the absence of such claims, gaining full custody is unlikely for either parent.

However, it is still important to establish that a parent has led an active and participatory role in a child’s life. This could be demonstrating that one parent always drove a child to soccer practice or another consistently lends a hand with homework. This baseline of time and involvement is often referred to as the status quo and will be used when determining which parent a child should be with at what times.

We understand that most children benefit from active involvement from both of their parents, not just one or the other. With our experience and knowledge, our firm has what it takes to stand up for parents’ rights if an ex is attempting to cut him or her out of a child’s life. Custody disputes can be overwhelming, but with Pennsylvania law on many fathers’ side, a positive outcome can still be obtained. For more information about how state law applies to fathers’ rights for child custody, please be sure to visit our website.