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Pennsylvania parents learn about man not paying child support

There are some parents who will do anything to get out of paying child support. Pennsylvania parents may find it interesting that one father claimed he did not survive a car accident so that he would not have to make child support payments. He has been sentenced to a jail term of 60 days and three years of probation after entering a guilty plea for the felony counts against him for not helping to financially support a child he helped bring into the world.

The man’s daughter was born in 2009, and he did pay $100 of child support around that time but did not pay one cent more until just recently. He claims that he died in a car wreck in 2010 and maintained afterward that he was disabled to the point that he could not hold a job and therefore was unable to make the child support payments. Prosecutors in the case conducted research on social media and saw numerous videos and pictures of him partying and working out, disproving his claims of physical disability.

The photos showed the man with stacks of money, which his lawyer claimed was a prop, the same thing rappers use in their music videos. However, he reportedly said he received the money from selling mix tapes that he had made. Two years ago, he had spent time in jail for an unrelated matter, during which he was given a work release to work in an automotive shop owned by a relative. He worked approximately 50 hours per week but did not make any child support payments with the money he earned. He has had other full-time employment since then, according to official records.

The man will still be required to serve the jail time even though he has finally paid over $10,000 he owed in child support, fees and interest. His lawyer stated that the man’s grandfather gave him the money, since he insists he still cannot work. He has been ordered to pay $100 per month after his release, or he will face further incarceration.

In this case, social media played an important part in the child’s mother getting the money she was owed. Attorneys use this and other opportunities to recoup child support for which some Pennsylvania parents are waiting. The court always takes matters of financial support of children seriously and will strive to ensure that parents meet their obligation.

Source: fox59.com, “Deadbeat dad who ‘died’ to get out of paying child support pays $10k, sentenced to jail“, Kylee Wierks, March 31, 2015