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Father objects to child support reminder postcards

by | Aug 19, 2015 | Family Law

Pennsylvania non-custodial parents may want to be aware of the practice of another state in attempting to collect child support. For the past several months, the Child Support Services of the state has been sending out postcards as a reminder that child support payments are due. One father, however, is upset about the new method of communication. He feels the postcard is embarrassing because the information contained on it should be kept private.

The man is the non-custodial parent of a 17-year-old girl. He says he has no problem with financially supporting his daughter because he helped bring her into this world, but information about that support should be kept confidential and not printed on a card where just anyone can see. He does not understand why he cannot receive a monthly statement in a sealed envelope so that his business can remain private. He wonders how far the agency will go in the future when revealing other types of information.

A spokesperson for the agency has stated records containing information on support are available to the public and can be gained through the court system. She said only the parents who are behind in their payments are sent the postcards and that they are sent as a reminder, not as a tool for humiliation. The cards contain as little information as possible and do not disclose how much is owed by the parent.

Some custodial parents who do not receive child support on a regular basis know that it is very difficult to maintain even a basic standard of living without that extra provision. Too many times, child support is withheld by the non-custodial parent as a way to punish an ex, and the main focus of supporting the child is lost. For those in Pennsylvania who need help in obtaining financial support owed, there are professionals who are available for assistance.

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