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Mayor seeks divorce from husband of 2 months

by | Sep 29, 2016 | Divorce

Most people enter into the union of marriage with the intention of it lasting a lifetime. When things go wrong and a couple decides to divorce, they have decisions to make, including the dividing of assets, custody and financial support of any children produced by the union, and spousal support. Pennsylvania residents may be interested in the impending divorce between the mayor of a Gulf Coast town and a lieutenant in the town’s fire department.

Just a few weeks before they were married, the mayor had taken out a restraining order on her future husband, claiming he had been harassing her through verbal and text messages left on her phone. They later seemed to have worked through their problems to become man and wife. However, only 71 days after the wedding, they filed for a dissolution of marriage.

In their simplified divorce, they both accede to the fact that the marriage cannot be saved, they have had no children together, they agree on the division of their assets, and neither party wants alimony from the other.  They have chosen to keep the financial portion of their contract private and the mayor will also revert to using her maiden name. They will face a final hearing to end their marriage next month.

Many Pennsylvania couples who are contemplating getting a divorce have most likely not come to that consideration lightly. There are many variables that usually come into play before two people who, at one time wanted to share their lives, decide to part ways. Those needing assistance will want someone knowledgeable to represent them as they make difficult decisions regarding their futures.

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