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Nine-year-old girl at the center of custody dispute

Many families across Pennsylvania welcome the addition of a newborn baby. The lives of parents, grandparents, siblings and other family members are forever changed by the bundle of joy. At the time of most births, there are not usually the dark thoughts of a looming future custody dispute. Unfortunately, some of the members of one family have gone through years of anguish and are waiting to hear the decision of the court as to the resolution of a custody dispute surrounding a nine-year-old girl.

After the little girl’s father died several years ago, it was the choice of the mother to keep her daughter from her paternal grandparents. However, the mother was arrested two months ago when she disobeyed an order from the court to allow the grandparents time with their granddaughter. As a result of the arrest, custody of the girl was given to her late father’s sister, and the grandparents have been reunited with their granddaughter.

The mother has been given visitation rights but is now fighting for full custody of her daughter, and a court battle is again underway. Although the grandparents say the girl is doing well and is happy where she is, both sides of the family do agree that they want the best thing for her. A hearing is set to begin in the next couple of weeks.

Pennsylvania parents going through a divorce know child custody matters cause more distress than just about any other issue. No one wins, but most parents try to make their decisions based on what will be the best thing for the children they love. Finding a favorable resolution to a custody dispute sometimes calls for legal assistance from an attorney who understands the anxiety of the process and who is familiar with the laws of the state.

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