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Ex accuses Jose Reyes of not paying fair share of child support

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Family Law

It is fast approaching the start of the Major League Baseball season. Pennsylvania fans familiar with MLB star Jose Reyes may be interested to hear that he is being sued by an ex for child support. The bitter child support battle began after he served a 51-game suspension for an alleged domestic abuse accusation by his current wife.

Reyes and model Christina Sanchez were together two years before he married the present Mrs. Reyes. Ms. Sanchez read about the nuptials in the paper a month before tests showed she was pregnant. Reyes requested the child’s paternity be kept a secret, which it was until two years ago.

Ms. Sanchez stated she did receive some financial support until Mrs. Reyes found out about the child. At that point, she said Reyes would not provide any support at all. With Reyes making $22 million a year, Ms. Sanchez is suing for $5 million each year. Reyes’ attorney says his client feels he has provided more than his fair share since the birth of the child and evidence provided to a court of law will support that position.

When two parents bring a child into the world, they both are responsible for providing that child with his or her basic needs, at the very least. Many times the bitterness that may arise from the separation may preclude the parents from doing what is best for the child. When emotions run high, the unbiased expertise of a Pennsylvania family law attorney can help settle any animosity between exes and come to terms with an amenable child support arrangement.

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