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State takes tax refund in error for non-payment of child support

by | May 25, 2017 | Family Law

Non-custodial parents who do not make the necessary support payments for their children are usually the ones who make the headlines. The public seems to find it less enthralling to read about a parent who has a stellar record in meeting his or her financial obligation. Pennsylvania parents may actually be interested to read about a man who has, in fact, paid child support for 17 years in providing for his son.

The problem has come from the state in which his son lives. It has taken the father’s income tax refund, claiming he owes $34,000 in addition to the thousands of dollars he has already paid over the past 17 years. The state where the father resides actually sent him a support overpayment refund of $1,200. He tried to talk to officials from his son’s state of residence but could get no one to help him.

The father then reached out to a local news outlet to help investigate the issue. Their team contacted the Child Support Bureau, whose actions got the man a $7,000 check from the state. The father told others he did not want to give up his fight and credits both groups for their successful efforts. Although there was no explanation as to why his income tax refund was withheld, that is an action often taken if support payments are not made or if the receipt of support was not reported.

Problems that arise from non-payment or non-receipt of child support are not uncommon. A glitch in a computer system, a payroll error or simply a refusal from a non-custodial parent to pay may all be reasons a support payment is not received. Pennsylvania parents whose problems are of a legal nature will want to speak to an attorney familiar with the family laws of the state.

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