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Ex-wife of football star wants thousands in spousal support

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Family Law

When the marriage is over, most Pennsylvania non-custodial parents do not have a problem wanting to provide for their children by providing child support. Spousal support, however, is often another issue altogether, especially if there is extreme conflict between the two exes. Football star Robert Griffin III may have it together on the field, but he is having some trouble when it comes to agreeing on the amount of spousal support he will be paying his ex-wife.

Once Griffin’s divorce was confirmed, the money to which his ex-wife, Rebecca Liddicoat, had access while they were married was cut off. She retaliated by going to court for a reversal. Her legal argument entailed a complaint that the judge approved the divorce settlement before confirming Griffin had held up his part of an agreement they signed before they got married.

Liddicoat claims Griffin has not paid her 50 percent of the value of one of their recently purchased houses. They had paid just over $2 million for the estate last year. She also says there have been other times during the marriage that he severely limited the amount of money to which she could spend on two other properties they owned, their young daughter and on herself, and she claims that $36,000 each month will meet those needs. Griffin responded that she needed to give him some time to get the house appraised for a fair market value. Once he has that number, she will get the amount to which she is entitled.

There are several exes who would not be able to meet their basic needs were they not receiving spousal support. While not every ex will receive $36,000, the amount ordered by the court should be enough to allow the less economically advantaged spouse a more equal fiscal footing. A Pennsylvania spouse will often need a family law attorney to fight for a fair settlement.

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