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Rapper Offset addresses child support request

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Family Law

Parents in Pennsylvania know their main job of raising their children takes a lot of sacrifice. When the two parents are no longer together, those sacrifices don’t end. Child support, spending time as a new family unit and general availability to the kids at any time should always be priorities no matter the relationship between the former couple. Offset, a rapper with the group Migos, is being asked for additional child support from his former love interest, Justine Watson.

Years ago the two had a relationship that produced a boy, now 7 years old. Although there was never a DNA test taken by Offset, both parents acknowledge that he is the father. Over the years he has provided sporadic financial support but Watson is now requesting a more detailed, official arrangement. She wants Offset to pay the total amount of support he owes her from the years past, to provide health insurance and to pay her legal fees.

Offset agreed to the request for health insurance and will pay any medical bills the boy may have, but he refuses to pay Watson’s legal expenses. As for child support, he is amenable to a court-ordered amount as long as Watson’s income is taken into consideration along with his. He furthermore wants joint custody of the boy and is willing to officially give his son his last name.

When there is reciprocal give and take between parents when deciding child support and custody, the process of coming to an agreement is much easier on everyone. Because of the legal requirements of the state of Pennsylvania, it is always recommended to have an attorney review any agreement before it is presented to the court. An attorney can help negotiate an agreement that is designed to meet the needs of the client and is in the best interests of any children involved.

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