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Woman stretching finances due to lack of child support

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Family Law

Custodial parents in Pennsylvania know just how important a regular child support payment can be. Many know the problems that will arise without that payment. Unfortunately, two former spouses have a familiar and two-sided version of the same child support story.

The mother of three says her children are not allowed to live the same lifestyle as their peers because their father is so far behind on his child support payments. She is doing all she can just to keep the electricity from being cut off and to make sure they all have enough food to eat. She said it has been over four years since her ex gave her any support money and it was only $100. According to her, he also paid $130 just days before that to keep from being sent to jail. County reports show the ex is over $50,000 behind in support payments.

The ex has countered, claiming he was never able to make the $700 payment schedule set by the court. He states he did give some money and clothing directly to the mother instead of going through the Department of Human Resources but now believes that was a mistake, as those payments cannot be substantiated. He now has two other children for whom he is trying to provide, and he has moved out of the state, making it more difficult for the mother to collect what she is owed.

All parents are expected to financially support the children they bring into the world. A noncustodial parent who does not comply with court orders for specific child support payments may be facing wage garnishments or seizure of income tax refunds, and could even wind up in jail. A Pennsylvania attorney can work with a client to see that a court order is followed and payments are received in a timely manner.

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