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Actor Jeremy Renner reassesses child support for daughter

In Pennsylvania, many child support situations are such that a fairly basic formula can be used to determine the amount a noncustodial parent will have to pay. Should the income of that parent increase, the support agreement can be reevaluated, and a new payment may be ordered to reflect the increase. Jeremy Renner, one of the stars of The Avengers superhero movies, will be paying more in child support due to his growing earnings from the series.

Renner and his ex-wife of less than a year have a 5-year-old daughter who will benefit from the popularity of the movies. Under the former child support agreement between the two, Renner was to pay $13,000 each month. A clause stipulated he would also have to pay 5 percent of anything he made over his yearly $2.3 million salary.

The new agreement keeps the monthly amount the same, but there has been a cap placed on the 5 percent. The child’s mother will have $200,000 of that percentage each year for the girl’s expenses above the monthly amount and anything over that goes into a special account. The daughter will be able to gain access when she turns 27.

Clearly not every divorced couple will have such sizeable resources from which to draw. However, settling on a child support agreement with available assets will be much easier if each spouse works alongside an experienced family law attorney. An attorney familiar with the legal requirements and local court procedures in Pennsylvania can present his or her client with options appropriate to the situation.

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