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Father awarded son in child custody battle

In a Pennsylvania family court, one parent may be named the custodial parent for any number of reasons. The goal is for the judge’s decision to be the best possible situation for the child, especially in a child custody battle fraught with contention. One young father has won the child custody battle for his son, as the boy’s mother faces a child-endangerment charge.

At two months of age, the little boy had to be rushed to a hospital with severe head trauma. Although the mother called the boy’s father, she was in a panic and left out several details, including where she was located and how to contact her for further information. The mother had moved several states away when she found out she was pregnant, leaving no forwarding information for her ex, nor did she name him as the boy’s father on the birth certificate.

The 22-year-old father, aided by his stepmother, went through Child Protective Services for help. They found out where the boy was hospitalized and obtained proof of fatherhood by DNA testing. He then attended training classes on the best way to care for his son. The two would also made weekly visits over two months, where the father would get to know his son through supervision by the boy’s foster parents. The father now has full custody of his completely-healed son, and he has kept in touch with the foster family, keeping them part of the boy’s life.

It is unthinkable that any child would have to go through such physical suffering, but it is reassuring to know a parent will do whatever is necessary to ensure it does not happen again. Whether the parent is facing an intense child custody battle or whether both parents want an official agreement, the utilization of a knowledgeable professional will ensure any arrangement will be legally binding. There are attorneys in Pennsylvania who have the experience a parent will need to face difficult child custody decisions.

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