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Father owes big money in child support case

Many non-custodial parents in Pennsylvania have no problem with the idea of paying support for their children. Just because the marriage does not last does not mean the love they have for their children stops, and they are usually happy to help provide, no matter the sacrifices they may have to make to do so. One father, however, faked his own death and lived as another person to keep from paying child support to his ex-wife for their two children.

The man moved to another state after he deserted his family nearly 25 years ago. His wife had wanted him to pay child support to include setting aside money for college. After he moved, he assumed the identity of a man who had died two years before, and he worked odd jobs to support himself. He eventually married again and was able to purchase multiple properties, which included an airplane for which he acquired a pilot’s license. Ten years after his disappearance, he was considered by his original family to be deceased.

The man’s second identity was discovered two years ago, and he was arrested. Now, a judge has recently ruled that the man owes his first wife nearly $2 million, most of which is interest on what he should have been paying her the last 25 years. The figure was partially based on the sum of his current assets. The total may increase, depending on the outcome of a decision as to whether or not he will have to pay his ex-wife’s legal fees. It is unclear how much money the ex-wife will actually receive from the judgement.

Raising a child under optimum circumstances is hard. One parent raising a child with only one income in most cases makes the situation even harder. Custodial parents in Pennsylvania who are having trouble collecting the child support they are owed can contact an attorney who will work to get the money the child deserves.

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